Examples of an Integrated Approach

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Here are some examples:

Changing your schedule round

My uncle used to be a keen runner back in the 1960's, when if you were seen to be running in public people thought you were crazy!  On several occasions when he was out running a car stopped and the driver asked him if he wanted a lift, and were shocked when he said no, after he explained that he was training!

He used to train for marathons and instead of completing a traditional long run on Sunday morning he would do it on a Thursday evening.  The reason being his wife used to go out Thursday night with some friends.  He could then go out on Sunday with his wife rather than saying he needed to run.


Stress at work. I worked as an accountant and when I had to prepare year end accounts it often involved working long hours and increased stress in order to get everything finished to strict deadlines.

As the stress rose my running got worse. I found I could not train hard i.e. complete speedwork sessions etc. My mind just did not want to do it. The solution was to back off and just go for theraputic easy runs. When the stress ended I felt a lot better and my performances returned. 

This is one example, and an important one because you do not need running to be a stress on top of stress.


Countless people have said that stretching is beneficial.  I have stretched but I do not enjoy it and have not seen or felt a great deal of improvement.  Maybe I am not doing it right, but I still do not enjoy it.  I have therefore looked for different approaches to elongate and tone muscles, and maintain joint mobility, such as ballet, Feldenkrais technique, Yoga etc.